This is the first year when the owner of Design by Divan starts to learn her graphic design every day and make the online jobs that named DESIGN BY DIVAN. This name contains the name of herself. Before she starts this job, she always does the free design for clients or customers.

In this year too, Design by Divan cooperates with one of the professional website developers in Indonesia.


When the 2017 starts, Design by Divan is haven’t has more marketing strategy on social media. Mostly we just focus on offline marketing.


Design by Divan got more trust from more companies and clients, so we grow and starts to build online marketing by website, instagram and others. We also grow our services and we do more jobs for graphic design, branding, packaging, social media design and management and also website development. Not only that, we have more fiture that supported by owner herself. She want to educate and born many new potential graphic designer from Indonesia, so you can share your design to us and we will learn it and if you got the opportunity, you can be the part of Design by Divan.


So many rest on this year !!! Design by Divan just accept several jobs in 2019 because of owner’s personal problems. She must focused to help her family on growing their business at Indonesia. But we will back in more awesome creations and will enlarge our business in many services soon.